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    Samples, Templates and Documents

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    From creating engagement contracts and report forms you can customize to your assignments, to highlighting common errors in valuation services, these resources assist and guide you in the day-to-day practice of your profession.


    Sample Materials for Services

    Use our sample documents as a resource in drafting your own engagement agreements. These materials address non-litigation and litigation appraisal assignments. You’ll need an online account to log in.

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    Sample Certification Statements

    Use these sample certification statements for written reports as a resource in drafting certification statements. You’ll need an online account to log in.

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    Appraisal Institute Reports

    AI Reports® are appraisal report forms designed by appraisers, for appraisers, to help you complete assignments.

    Discover AI Reports

    Property Use Classification System

    The AI Property Use Classification System (PUCS) is a uniform classification system of the potential uses of real estate. Download the current version!

    Access AI PUCS

    Common Appraisal Errors and Issues

    We’ve identified some of the most common errors and issues in valuation services. Use these documents as a resource to help you avoid errors and address issues in your work. You’ll need an online account to log in.

    Review Common Issues

    Readdressing, Reassigning, Reappraising

    Learn how to handle readdressing, reassigning and reappraising requests in a way that complies with applicable standards and ethics requirements. You’ll need an online account to log in.

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    Use of Designations and Emblems

    Communicate your achievements! Use the AI trademarked designations and designation emblems to show your commitment to the valuation profession. You’ll need an online account to log in.

    Review the Use of AI Symbols

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