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    Whether you’re a student or an accomplished professional, AI empowers you to excel. Drawing on more than 90 years of experience supporting valuation professionals, the Appraisal Institute has created the education offerings, extensive knowledge base, tools and resources, and designation opportunities you need to excel in your current role and aim higher.

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    Practicing Affiliate

    $400 per year

    Expand your skills and expertise with exclusive AI benefits.

    Practicing Affiliates comprise all valuers of real property, including those seeking licensure or certification, trainee/registered/provisional appraisers, appraisal reviewers, tax assessors, master’s degree program students or anyone considered a valuer of real property.

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    Candidate for Designation

    $515 per year

    Ready to advance your career? Candidates for Designation are individuals seeking Appraisal Institute designations.

    Candidates include certified real property appraisers, tax assessors, appraisal reviewers, Appraisal Institute Master’s Degree Program graduates, or those who hold approved designations with other organizations.

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    Student Affiliate

    No annual dues

    Set the stage for your career! Learn, network and grow as a Student Affiliate.

    Student Affiliates are college, university, or high school students who do not practice real property valuation.

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    $255 per year

    Are you interested in keeping a pulse on real property valuation, but do not currently value real property? Join the AI community as an Affiliate.

    Affiliates include bankers, lawyers, accountants, developers, financial planners, investors, real estate brokers and more.

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    Hear From Your Peers

    Gain inspiration from AI Professionals on why they joined the Appraisal Institute.

    Sharon Harbin, MAI, SRA, AI-GRS
    Sharon Harbin, MAI, SRA, AI-GRS
    Julie Battaglia, MAI, AI-GRS
    Julie Battaglia, MAI, AI-GRS
    Luis F. Delgado, SRA
    Luis F. Delgado, SRA
    Alejandro Perez, SRA
    Alejandro Perez, SRA
    Sharon Harbin, MAI, SRA, AI-GRS
    Detroit, MI
    MAI Designated member since 1991, SRA Designated member since 1991, AI-GRS Designated member since 2015 | Affiliated since 1978
    Why did you become an appraiser?

    What I would tell a person of color, coming into the appraisal industry, about the Appraisal Institute, is that it's an organization that offers a lot of opportunity. There are all types of scholarships available. And there's mentoring, there's assistance for you to go into a career that is kind of a like, maybe, top secret, but it's a career that—just imagine, it ties you to the world, because the world is made up of real estate and people when you think about it, so you are just hands on in terms of a very, very, very important aspect of real estate. That's appraising; that's determining value. And it's broad. There's so many aspects of appraising and being a member of this organization and allows you to learn, to grow, to network. And now's the time. There's all types of opportunities. I would encourage any minorities with any interest to pursue this career.

    Julie Battaglia, MAI, AI-GRS
    Tampa, FL
    MAI Designated member since 2012, AI-GRS Designated member since 2015 | Affiliated since 2002
    Why did you become an appraiser?

    I earned my designations knowing that there is so much more that you will learn coming through the Appraisal Institute. Their designations are the best in the world. We all know that. I had plenty of assistance behind me as well, other people that were in the firm that I was in at the time. They all touted the Appraisal Institute. I was young, you know; you learn from who your mentor is, and I was lucky enough to have a solid mentor that taught me the right way.

    Luis F. Delgado, SRA
    Carolina, Puerto Rico
    SRA Designated member since 2019 | Affiliated since 1998
    Why did you become an appraiser?

    I will tell them there's, right now, no other organization that can provide them the tools to become a real professional appraiser, or at least to guide you around your jobs and the work that you're going to do as an appraiser. Because at least it gives you the right mindset to provide what us appraisers provide to the public, which is good public trust and valuations.

    Alejandro Perez, SRA
    Yauco, Puerto Rico
    MAI Designated member since 2016 | Affiliated since 2005

    I think any person that wants to be an appraiser, part of the Appraisal Institute. From the first day, you understand all the benefits you get in being a member. The quality of education is unique. And the network. I recommend that to everybody who asked me, how do I become an appraiser? And the first thing I said, if you're going to do this, the first step you must do is become a member of the AI.

    Pathways to Success

    AI is the gold standard in appraisal real property valuation education. We’ll help you map a path to licensing or certification, designation, competency in specialized areas and more.

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    International Affiliation

    We provide education and affiliation opportunities for individuals around the world. Our Find an Appraiser directory also allows professionals to search by country, fostering connections across the globe.

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