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    Attend a Meeting or Event

    Network at Meetings and Events

    Connect, collaborate and expand your professional network through Appraisal Institute activities.

    Expand Your Professional World

    When you attend in-person events, you can:

    • Share best practices.
    • Stay apprised of changes in the profession.
    • Gain strategies for current challenges.
    • Learn ways to expand your practice.
    • Connect with future employers, or employees.
    • Take advantage of leadership opportunities.
    • Give back to your local community.

    Unlock the potential to build stronger professional relationships and grow your practice.

    Chapter Events

    Make key connections in your local community!

    Attend networking and social events with your local chapter. You can also explore upcoming education opportunities sponsored by your chapter.

    Attend the Leadership Development and Advisory Council (LDAC)

    LDAC is a group of dedicated appraisers who come together annually in Washington, D.C., to develop solutions to the latest challenges facing the valuation profession.

    Connect with attendees, make your voice heard by lawmakers, and use the event as a springboard for future leadership with AI.

    Save the date for LDAC 2024, May 15-17!